August 15, 2018

Recommended Reading

The APS™ will have thousands of advisors and the general public who come to this web-site for education on asset protection.  We believe our web-site does a good job of explaining the basics … [Read More...]

Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

While the goal of the APS™ is to make sure a client can through education and the use of a “Rated” advisor become asset protected, the best asset protection plan in the world cannot prevent … [Read More...]

Self-Exam: Determine if you need AP Plan

Self Examination - Asset Protection Exam(s) We are happy to have put together a short and simple asset protection exam that you can take can take to determine if your assets are … [Read More...]

Public Education on Asset Protection

Public Education on Asset Protection (AP)   One of the core duties and goals of theAPS™ is to educate the public on asset protection planning. We have put together terrific … [Read More...]

Ask a Question

Submit a Question to the APS™   We know that many people who surf this web-site have either no or very little knowledge when it comes to asset protection planning. We encourage … [Read More...]