Need a Consultation?

Before forging ahead with an asset protection strategy it is best to get a review.

Need a Plan Review?

Thinking about an asset protection plan let us review your financial life.

Something's Gone Wrong

When finances and circumstances change it looks a bit gloomy, it is best to have a review of your situation.

Time for a Second Opinion

When you are faced with decisions about your hard-earned money it is imperative to get a second opinion. It does not need to be with the APS™ but be rigorous in your homework.  Ask questions, search for information, and above all don’t just trust someone or some company with your life’s net worth.

There are so many different kinds of advisors pitching/helping clients with the topic of “asset protection” and because of this, the advice given can be dramatically different (and many times wrong).  If you look for help from one advisory group (such as practicing attorneys), the advice will likely be dramatically different than another group (such as financial planners).

Wealth Preservation needs a strategy before moving forward

Identifying what the potential problem areas could be in your financial life is the first step to a solid asset protection plan. Assess where you are today.



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Team Work


Asset protection is protecting your wealth from anyone or anything that can take your money

Stock Market Protection

The stock market when it declines can be a major blow to your financial life

Tax Protection

Knowing your options & understanding legal tax strategies

Real Estate Protection

Real estate and investment property needs to be properly titled

Is there really a way to quantify your risk?

“Acceptable” Risk tolerance is different depending on who you ask. Ask an advisor who recommends stocks, mutual funds, and indexes, and you’ll get one answer.

Risk Assessments

The risk questionnaire use a unique blend of risk capacity and risk tolerance preferences.

Risk Analysis

Many clients are unknowingly invested in direct opposition to their capacity.

Personal Risk Score

How much can you afford to lose for your life situation and goals?

Risk Analysis Engine

All assets and investment portfolios are analyzed and scored.

Successful Wealth Preservation Starts With Planning

As entrepreneurs and business people maintain a primary focus on running a successful business, proactive planning understandably gives way to the demands of the day.

Mindful Planning Goes a Longway

Unfortunately, the failure to proactively plan in the following areas can have catastrophic consequences for the entrepreneur.

There are obvious creditors and ones that most don't consider.

We look wealth preservation from a global perspective crossing through your entire financial life.

  • Business and Finance

Comprehensive Asset & Liability Management

For Physicians, Other Professionals and Individuals Interested in Protecting and Growing Wealth for Retirement.

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  • Software as a Service

OnPointe Software

FIVE powerful software programs to help advisors, provide better and more suitable advice while at the same time allowing advisors to market themselves better and close more sales.

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  • Business and Finance

Risk Assessment Software

OnPointe Software today is an extension or personal assistant of the advisor client relationship. Long gone are the days of frustrating software experiences.

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