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The APS™ is a new kind of society created to deal with the problems that plague clients and advisors on the topic of "Asset Protection."

The APS™ was created:

1) to educate the public on the topic of asset protection.


2) to serve as a watchdog entity to warn the public and advisors who provide asset protection advice about faulty asset protection planning as well as outright scams in the marketplace.


3) to educate and train advisors to identify and implement the optimal asset protection planning structures for any client situation.


Our Goals

Our goal is to education and provide high quality information to anyone who has a desire to build wealth and pass it on to future generations.


We would like to make sure advisors who are practicing in the field of asset protection & wealth preservation considering all solutions.

Our Ideas

Our idea is simple, education. Whether you are client or advisor a better education person has a higher chance of getting a great result.

Our Core Areas of Interest

Asset Protection can be a wide term with a fair amount of disciplines within its framework, our purpose is to sort through the noise, organize and highlight the keys structures to a plan for life strategy.


Asset Protection

All that you have worked for can be lost in a lawsuit if your business and personal asset structures are not properly insulated from creditors.


Estate Planning

An improper estate plan can lead to public disclosure of private information, faulty disposition of assets, tax inefficiency, and creditor exposure.


Tax Minimization

Tax-inefficiency can lead to income and estate tax burdens in excess of 50%; maximize what you keep.


Succession Planning

Failing to establish the best-suited individual(s) to succeed you for both the business and your personal wealth usually leads to material dissipation of each after your death or disability.