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The APS™ is a new kind of Society

APS - A New Kind of Society

The APS™ is a new kind of Society created to deal with the problems that plague clients and advisors on the topic of “Asset Protection.”


The APS™ was created:


1) As an entity that issues “Ratings” to advisors based on their knowledge and skill level the public knows they are using advisors who know what they are doing when providing advice on asset protection (3 Rating Levels).


2) to assemble the highest caliber asset protection planners in the nation in a collaborative effort to “better the industry” and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas in a sometimes complicated, and always ever-changing, field of asset protection.


3) to educate and train advisors to identify and implement the optimal asset protection planning structures for any client situation.


4) to educate the public on the topic of asset protection.


5) as a watchdog entity to warn the public and advisors who provide asset protection advice about the questionable asset protection plans in the marketplace.


The APS™ was created to fill a void in the professional community when it comes to the topic of asset protection. If you are a professional (attorney, CPA/accountant/EA, financial planner, insurance agent, mortgage or real estate broker, etc.) who helps clients with asset protection, then you know that there are no educational entities* that teach proper asset protection planning techniques (*Except for the Wealth Preservation Institute with its Certified Asset Protection Planner™ and Certified Wealth Preservation Planner™, and Certified Medicaid Planner™ certification program).


If you are a professional who has clients with wealth and you are not helping those clients protect their assets, we at the APS™ believe you are making a tremendous mistake on multiple levels.


Does it seem odd that an attorney, CPA/Accountant/EA, Financial Planner, Insurance advisor, etc. can make it through their schooling to receive their licenses and not receive one ounce of education on asset protection planning? All of the aforementioned advisors provide advice that affects a client’s wealth and/or assets. Should all such advisors also know how to protect their wealth and/or assets? We believe so.


For those who provide asset protection advice to their clients, until now, there is no “standard of care” to guide you and help you determine what is right and wrong when it comes to providing advice.


Those on the National Advisory Board are tired of reading horror stories about clients being ripped off or being given terrible advice by self-proclaimed asset protection “gurus.” Enough is enough.


The APS™ is here to turn the page to a new day where advisors can have a “go-to” place where they learn the right “techniques” or confirm that the techniques being used are “proper” for your clients.


The public needs confidence in their advisors and until now there has been no way to instill confidence that the advisor(s) they are using meets a standard of care when providing advice.


Gone are the days when clients can only hope that they have done a good job in picking an advisor to help protect their wealth. In planning for the preservation of one’s wealth, all clients deserve and should be able to demand the ability to plan with confidence and certainty.


For “Rated” Members the Society has a password-protected part of the website where specific detail is offered on asset protection planning. If you are not a “Rated” member, we encourage you to surf the educational the Society posted to educate yourself on the basics of asset protection.


We encourage you to “become part of the solution” that is desperately needed to fix what is wrong in the asset protection community by joining the APS™ and becoming a “Rated” advisor.


If you are not yet ready to become “Rated,” we encourage you to join as a non-Rated Member so you can at least avail yourselves of the benefits of the APS™ Message Board and other educational tools.


To join the APS™ as a non-Rated Member, please use our contact form below.

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