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FIVE powerful software programs to help advisors, provide better and more suitable advice while at the same time allowing advisors to market themselves better and close more sales.

OnPointe Software
Software based on common sense
CRM - Date Management

Keeping records with useful purpose

Most people use a CRM system because it will help them stay organized and make more sales.


Both are good reasons to use a CRM, but the most overlooked reason to use a CRM is because using one can help you AVOID lawsuits.


OnPointe CRM helps avoid lawsuits in general, and specifically in the financial services and insurance industries.


We live in a very litigious society. Professional negligence can have a very long shelf life due to the tolling of the statute of limitations to a time when the client should have reasonably known of the negligence.


Compliance friendly

Most CRM users are apprehensive not only about choosing a CRM to use, but also learning how to use it.
Using OnPointe CRM should be a peaceful event not a stressful one. Our goal is to give you “total consciousness” when it comes to using your CRM program.


Gathering Contacts

Calendar—create/assign tasks, set appointments (phone or otherwise), set To Dos, etc. Items in the calendar can be assigned to single or multiple individuals and/or groups. The calendar notifies selected users that they have been assigned a task, task deadlines, or a scheduled meeting or phone call. The system will again remind selected users of task deadlines and schedules calls and meetings.