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When we say “advisors” on this website, we mean the list to include: 

Attorneys, CPA/EA/Accountants, Financial Planners, Insurance Advisors, Stock Brokers, Real Estate or Mortgage Brokers.

Nearly every client at one point or another has had one or more of the above listed advisors. Would you rather work with an advisor who has NO or little knowledge on the subject of asset protection or one who has submitted him/herself to the rating process by The Asset Protection Society?

If you are going receive legal, accounting, financial or other types of advice, wouldn’t you rather receive it from an advisor who has a working knowledge with asset protection so the advice given to you will also protect your assets from creditors?

We at the APS™ believe that is the best move if you intend to insulate yourself from the “personal injury” lawsuits that are running wild in our country. Asset Protection has emerged as a core component of all prudent financial and estate planning. A new Standard of Care is being defined where it is simply malpractice for an advisor not to plan for a client with an eye towards asset protection. The mission of the APS™ is to assure that the American public can find duly qualified advisors who know asset protection planning and incorporate that into a client’s financial and/or estate plan.

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