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Charging Order Protection

As a transferee of a partner or a judgment creditor’s exclusive remedy a charging order may placed on the debtor-partner’s partnership interest.  The charging order constitutes a lien on the debtor-partner’s transferable interest in the partnership.  To view this statute, click here.

Under Alaska’s Revised Limited Liability Company Act, a judgment creditor may charge the debtor-member’s limited liability company with interest of any unsatisfied amount of debt.  This is the judgment creditor’s exclusive remedy.  The judgment creditor has only the rights of an assignee of the debtor-members interest.  To view Act, click here.

Alaska Business Acts

  1. Alaska Business Corporations Act
    1. To view this Act, click here.
  2. Alaska Limited Liability Company Act
    1. To view this Act, click here.
  3. Uniform Partnership Act
    1. To view this Act, click here.