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So You Think You Have An Estate Plan? 01-31-2011

Domestic Asset Protection Trusts – Part 3 – The Domestic Trust 1-1-2010

IRA Crisis 10-25-2010

Domestic Asset Protection Trusts Part 2 -The Trustee 9-28-2010

The Olmstead Case:Not the Death of Single-Member LLCs 9-01-2010

Domestic Asset Protection Trusts – In The Beginning 7-29-2010

Supreme Court Wipes Out Asset Protection For Single Member LLCs 6-25-2010

Exigent – Foreign Bank Reporting – June 30th 6-16-2010

The Likelihood and Enforceability of a Retroactive Tax 6-2-2010

Asset Protection For Life 10-21-2009

Congress seeks to revise harsh IRS non-disclosure penalties 4-30-2009

Developments with the UBS Tax Evasion Probe 4-9-2009

Asset Protection Is a Process 3-26-2009

UBS and the End of Swiss Secrecy 2-19-2009

Ten Things the IRS Wants You to Know About Identity Theft 2-5-2009

The Uncertainty Within the Proposed Certain Estate Tax Relief Act of 2009 1-28-2009

New developments with Pension Rescue, Captive Insurance Companies, and more… 1-28-2009

Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts 12-19-2008

A Ponzi Scheme of Historical Significance 12-4-2008

Urgent Alert: The IRS Shuts down Roth IRA Conversion Scheme Using Annuities 11-27-2008

Some Thanksgiving Reading for You 11-20-2008

Does “Buy and Hold” Work in a Volatile Stock Market? The Surprising Results! 11-13-2008

Tax and Planning Consequences under the Obama Administration 10-31-2008

There is safety and security in Asset Protection Planning 10-23-2008

Should clients sue money managers when the stock market crashes? 10-9-2008

Is my money safe? 8-29-2008

Taxpayer fights the IRS and wins, learn how this can affect you! 8-15-2008

Asset Protection planning IS essential 7-31-2008

IRS seeks help with tax probe 7-10-2008

Hedge fund millionaire turns himself into police 6-19-2008

Follow-up on Single-member LLCs 6-5-2008

Single-member LLCs under attack, again 5-22-2008

Distressed Asset Trusts (DAT) transactions are now listed transactions 5-8-2008

Cashing out an elderly parents IRA… 4-17-2008

Warning from the APS and the IRS 3-27-2008

Asset Protection of Cash Value Life Insurance, Annuities, and IRAs 3-13-2008

Supreme Court Ruling on 401(k) Profit Sharing Plans 2-21-2008

Stopping the Asset Protection Crooks in their Tracks 2-7-2008

Using the Bankruptcy Code and Life Insurance for Asset Protection 1-24-2008

Transition From Thoughts To Action 1-18-2008

A New Year’s Resolution: Grow your business by learning Asset Protection Techniques (with the help of the APS™) 12-21-2007

Internet scams and schemers beware 12-11-2007

The APS 1st Annual Forum DVDs are finally ready and just in time for Christmas 12-6-2007

Try Telling Stories to Motivate Your Clients to Become Asset Protected 11-23-2007

Thanksgiving Newsletter: Useful Reading for Advisors On This Holiday Weekend 11-16-2007

Joint Tenancies are Terrible for Asset Protection Yet Provide Opportunity for Advisors 11-15-2007

Using the C.A.L.M. Plan To Cultivate and Work With Affluent Clients 11-1-2007

Federal Court Permanently Bars Las Vegas Man From Promoting Asset Protection Scheme 10-11-2007

Kinetic Asset Protection: When The Financial Seas Are Calm 9-21-2007

Kinetic” Asset Protection: Learning The Players 9-12-2007

If Offshore Trusts Scare You Consider an Offshore LLC 8-9-2007

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