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Welcome to the APS™ message board

This message board is a bit different than most of the message boards you may have seen or been involved with in the past. Most message boards are open” boards meaning that anyone can post anything they’d like. If the people in charge of the board do not like what’s been said, it can then be deleted after the fact.

The APS™ message board is different because it seeks to be an authoritative place where the public and advisors can go to find the “correct” answer to their questions. Again, most message boards are “opinions” of individuals and not posts created by a consensus of experts.

The APS™ message board is intended to evolve into the most comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions (and corresponding answers) in the industry.

When you make a post to the board, it will first be reviewed by an administrator who will determine if the post is appropriate or makes sense. If the question/post needs clarification, that will be requested and ultimately the post will be allowed to stay on the board it is in “final” form.

Once the post is in final form, it will be delivered to the APS™ Founders, advisory board, state representatives or anyone else the APS™ believes has the requisite knowledge to post an answer the APS™ deems as a correct or quality answer.

Only Rated advisors and Members will be allowed to post questions and responses.  It needs to be understood again that this is not an open message board. If someone posts a response the APS™ believes is not helpful or correct, it will be removed by the administrator. The APS™ believes this message board will serve as a great resource to the public and advisors looking for authoritative” answers to asset protection questions.

Your posts can involve:  domestic and offshore asset protection as well as protection from income, capital gains and estate taxes, life insurance, annuities, long term care expenses, down turns in the stock market (otherwise known as “global” asset protection) or any other question involving a person or entity who can take your money.

In order to post a message to the Message Board, you must first join the Society or become a “Rated” advisors.  It costs $100 to join the Society and $250 to become “Rated” by the Society.