February 24, 2019

C.A.L.M. Level 5

Level 5 is for clients with a net worth of $15,000,000 or more and will include for them an A-Z estate plan, asset protection and financial plan done by one of the top law firms in the country.

This kind of planning at many “downtown” firms costs $50,000-$75,000+.  Level 5 is designed for a client with $30,000,000 or more but through C.A.L.M. a client with $15,000,000 or more can receive this advanced planning.  A typical fee through the C.A.L.M. plan will cost approximately $35,000 rather than $50,000+.

If a client has complications which are a-typical or if the client has a net worth in excess of $30,000,000, the costs for an estate plan will likely increase.  Having said that, through the C.A.L.M. program, clients will receive a 20% discount on the legal fees in excess of $35,000.

Level 5 also includes burning all of the client’s legal, accounting and financial documents to disc (to give to the client) and to a hard drive on a secure server. This is done to ensure that the client always knows where his/her valued documents are located and so a secure set can be held in a safe environment in another location.

Level 5 will be overseen by APS™ Founder, Jarrett Bostwick, JD, LL.M.  Jarrett, who formerly directed the Advanced Wealth Design Center for National Financial Partners (NFP), is listed by Worth Magazine as one of the top 100 estate planning attorneys in the country.  Jarrett also serves as National Coordinating for the Advanced Design Center for The Wealth Preservation Institute (http://www.thewpi.org/).

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