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Marketing Through Continuing Education

The APS™, through its educational partnership with the Wealth Preservation Institute, has the ability to allow “Rated” APS™ Members to conduct continuing education programs in their local community for other advisors.


Every advisor who is a candidate to be a “Rated” Member of the APS™ has continuing education requirements.  Many advisors have multiple licenses or certifications which require 80+ hours of continuing education every two years.


As you also know, most of the continuing education that is offered to all advisors is not usually education that an advisor needs or wants. Continuing education is seen as a necessary evil to most professionals.




A terrific way to market your services and to let other advisors know of your knowledge and ability to help their clients is through seminars.   Most APS™ “Rated” Members have the knowledge and speaking skills to give seminars, but they do not have the time to put together the material and PowerPoint Presentations and most certainly do not have to obtain accreditation for the presentations to qualify for CLE (attorneys), CPE (CPAs/EAs/accountants), CFP (certified financial planners),  CE for insurance advisors, etc.


The APS™ has a few different ways in which you can sign up to give continuing education to local advisors. Depending on your knowledge of certain subjects, you may be able to give up to 30 hours of continuing education to local advisors.


If you are interested in learning more about marketing/networking with other professionals through continuing education seminars, please Email Us for more information.

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