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By now all state reps. have received the renewal email from the APS reminding you about the annual dues ($250) and informing you of the new marketing tools we have created for you.

My initial idea with the APS was to give advisors an excuse to go talk with other advisors in their area and to form teams of local advisors (an attorney, CPA, mortgage planner and financial planner/insurance advisor).  By forming teams it would provide a great opportunity for cross referrals.

Additionally, everyone is looking for that edge when it comes to marketing and credibility and I know the power of being involved with a credible organization like the APS and so to call yourself a State Rep. is extremely powerful if you use it.

I’m guessing, but I don’t think most of the state reps. are using the power of being a state rep to their advantage.  I think some thought it was a good idea and then were to chicken or shy to pick up the phone like they should have been doing to contact local referral sources to introduce themselves as state reps. and to start a dialogue about the society and why local professional should learn more. This is a golden opportunity to meet local referral sources where you are not pitching them your services or products.

Anyway, to help you communicate better to your clients and potential referral sources in your area, we have create a really nice trifold brochure that explains the benefits of the APS™.

I think you’ll be very pleased with it when you see it which you can do by going to the following link.

You’ll notice there is a place for you to insert your contact info in the brochure. After you do that, you can post the brochure to your website, e-mail it to clients and potential referral sources and print them if you want to have a nice marketing piece on asset protection to hand out.


If you have not contacted us (Email Us“>Email Us) to pay your annual State Rep. fee, please do so now so you can start to market yourself better with the tools the APS™ provides. Asset protection is as hot a topic as ever and as you know, you are not pushing products so it’s a great lead in topic to talk to clients and referral sources.

Additionally, we’ve created various marketing tools because many of you have been asking for ways for us to help market you.  Aside from the credibility that comes along with APS and having the APS logo for your website, letterhead, and business cards the brochure is something you can mail out or handout at seminars or your office or wherever you may be speaking.  We also have a press release that announces your status as a rep.  While you could place this in your local paper or some other publication (which costs you money), you could also place it on your own site as a bulletin for free.

We also have a certificate that you can hang on your wall or place in your binder if you bring one when meeting with clients or prospects.  Just having this certificate on your wall or in your binder is a great way to engage someone in conversation about the APS and you as a Rep and the services that you can provide in a non-salesy non-product pushing way.

So, we have spent a great deal of time helping to come up with ways for you to market yourself, your services, and the APS.  All you need to do now is spend some time each week getting out there and talking about the APS and asset protection and how being involved with yourself and the APS can increase yours and your network of referring professional’s credibility.  The APS and the tools we have given you gives you an excellent reason to get in front of other professionals that you may not have been able to get in front of.  The marketing tools, especially the attached mailer, speak and open doors for you, all you need to do is use them.