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Are you sending your clients a once-a-week e-newsletter discussing with the topics like asset protection and other services you can help them with?  If not, you are missing out the best marketing tool in this new technology age.  The APS™ has a unique e-newsletter dripping system that “Rated” advisors can use keep in contact with clients and other advisors.  The APS™ also provides the newsletters for those who do not have the time to create them.

The APS™ believes very strongly in a weekly or bi-weekly “educational” newsletter campaign. The APS™ does not advocate sending “solicitations” of your services, but instead a simple educational newsletter which educates your clients on the very important topic of asset protection (preferably “global” asset protection).

The APS™ believes you should also be sending out educational newsletters to referrals sources in your local area. If you are an attorney, you should be sending educational newsletters to CPAs/accountants/EAs and financial planners.  If you are a CPA/accountant/EA, you should be sending newsletters to your local attorneys and financial planners.

The APS™ has already created e-newsletters that “Rated” advisors can send out for years to come.  Additionally, new newsletters are created weekly so that the most up-to-date information can be disseminated to your clients and referral sources.

The e-mail blasting system is unique in that it tracks who receives your e-mails and how many times a recipient opens the e-mail.  This is very powerful information.   Imagine being able to send a newsletter to 300-500-1500+ clients or referral sources and then if someone opens the e-mail 5 times, you know.  The APS™ would then suggest you contact that client or referral source to see if they would like to talk further about the topic covered in the e-mail.

The e-newsletter system, which includes newsletters you can use as you see fit, is priced well under “market” rates as a value added benefit to “Rated” advisors. This system alone makes it worth becoming a “Rated” advisor.

To view the content from a typical introductory e-mail for a “globally” rated advisor, please click here.

If you have an interest in the e-newsletter system and would like to see a demo, please e-mail Email Us“>Email Us to set up a time to discuss it.