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Educate and Train Advisors

The APS™ is not an educational institute for advisors.  Fundamentally the Society was created as a watchdog entity to protect the public, to regulate the advice being given by “asset protection planners” and to set a standard of care for advisors to live up to.


The regulation of advisor is done through a “Ratings” system. To learn more about the ratings system and to find an APS™ rated advisor (attorney, CPA/accountant/EA, financial planner or other), please click here.


Having said that, the APS™ will provide education to advisors through educational e-newsletters, the Message Board, the “AP” Journal, online webinars and a few in person seminars each year.


Some advisors are already proficient in asset protection planning, but many who come to the APS™ will not be. For advisors who want to “read up” on the topic of asset protection, they can do so by choosing from the APS™ recommended reading list (which is also a nice reading list for non-advisors to use for basic education).


For advisors who want to receive a “complete” education on the topic of asset protection planning, they can do so by taking the only educational courses in the country that revolve around asset protection. These courses (Certified Wealth Preservation Planner™ and Certified Asset Protection Planner™) can be taken from The Wealth Preservation Institute.