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For those thinking of sitting for the CAPP™ (Certified Asset Protection Planner™) certification, there isn’t a whole lot out there for you to read so you can learn the fundamentals of asset protection planning.

The APS™ was created to further the education of consumers and advisors on this vitally important subject matter. As such there is a lot of good/free content on this site.

For those looking to buy a package of content that can be used to pass the CAPP™ exam, we offer the following:

1) 10-module financial literacy course. This is a course put together by Roccy DeFrancesco and it provides a foundational education on overall asset protection planning

2) The Doctor’s Wealth Preservation Guide. This is a 350-page book that has 75 core pages on asset protection and 200+ pages on other important topics/concepts to help affluent clients protect and grow their wealth.

3) Advanced qualified plan design module. These modules go over pension basics, but also cover carve out planning using a combination of 401(k), profit sharing, and defined benefit plans (including cash balance and 401(h) plans).

4) Three-hour webinar series on asset protection.

If you bought these items separately, they’d cost $275.

Through the APS™, you can buy them for only $125.

If you would like a hard copy of the Doctor’s book, add $20.

Click here to download the order form.