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In this session you will learn about the much talked about but rarely understood “Family Office Structure.”  At the core of family office planning is the notion of utilizing business planning principles to help accomplish personal wealth planning objectives – institutionalizing one’s wealth platform. The goal of the family office is to allow the senior generation to structure their wealth so that multiple generations to follow will benefit from it.  This is accomplished by creating a disciplined structure that is treated with heightened respect so the structure can remain financially viable for generations to come.  One of the key components to funding and sustaining a lasting family office is the purchase of life insurance on not on the first generation, but multiple generations to follow.  The money used to fund the initial life insurance purchase is typically funded in a tax-advantageous manner through the integration of other tools such as FLPs, IDGTs, etc.  Then subsequent purchases are done through accumulated trust assets.

The APS™ believes that no large family estate can be complete without the integration of a family office.

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