February 24, 2019

FAQs 3

One key to education through WPI is that the certification programs cater to advisors that either have or want to cultivate high income/net worth clients.   If you are reading this and you do not have clients or do not want to cultivate clients with an income in excess of $150,000 a year OR a net worth in excess of $2,000,000, you probably are not a good candidate for education through the WPI.

While we believe that many advisors will go through a certification program at the WPI simple to have alphabets after their name to build credibility, we believe those that will benefit most from the certification program are what we would consider the high end advisor (who does or wants to deal with wealthy clients).

The Second key (with equal importance) is that relatively speaking a small percentage of the advisors (CPAs, attorneys, financial planners, insurance advisors and real estate agents) in this country will take the time to go through a WPI certification program.  While we at the WPI believe every advisor looking to provide the best advice possible for their clients should go through a certification program, that is simply not going to happen.

Therefore, those that take the time to go through the course and pass the examination will have huge leg up when competing with local advisors.  It does not matter if you are currently a CFP, CLU, JD, CPA, MBA or carry another designation.  If you do not have the CWPP™ or CAPP™ designation, you do not know many vitally important topics that are a must when dealing with high income clients or those with sizable estates.

The vast majority of the material in the WPI courses is absolutely unique and has come from specialists in their field from all over the country.  We invite you to look over the curriculum for the three day course and will let you decide for yourself if obtain education and an educational certificate from the WPI is worth your time and money.