February 24, 2019

FAQs 5

The WPI created the CWPP™ certification program as comprehensive course covering the broad topic of “wealth preservation.”  While the CWPP™ program uses asset protection as is foundtion, the course is quite broad in its education of advisors on wealth preseratoin planning for the affluent client. 

We at the WPI understand that some advisors will not need the depth of education that is offered by the CWPP™ program.  Instead we believe that some advisors will mainly be looking for education on the ever increasingly important topic of “asset protection.

In order to offer a useful and meaningful educational course on the issue of asset protection, the WPI created a comprehensive eighteen (18) hour course course called where graduates become a Certified Asset Protectoin Planner (CAPP™).  The course has a 500+ page textbook and will require the advisor to pass a 180-question multiple choice test and a two-question essay test.

Once you become educated on the subject of asset protection, you will find out why this topic is the best door opener when trying to work with high income/net worth clients.  Asset protection is white hot right now and few advisors are providing competent advice to help their clients.  Change your immage and grow your practice by becoming a CAPP™ advisor.

To review the list of courses for the CAPP™ program, please click here.

To review the detailed course outline for the CAPP™ program, please click here.

The CAPP™ course focuses on topics that can protect a client’s wealth and does not cover many of the other topics from the CWPP™  course that have more to do with the financial side of a client’s estate.

Once the course and tests have been completed, the advisor will be issued a CAPP™ certificate.  Like the CWPP™ course, the advisor shall have ongoing continuing education requirements each year to keep the certification designation.

Currently the CAPP™ has been discounted down to $870. Also for first 200 that complete the CWPP™, those advisors will be able to take the CAPP™ course for the annual renwal fee to keep the license ($175).  So, if you are going to sign up for the CWPP™, now is the time so you can also avail yourself to the discount prince on the CAPP™ course.

To download a sign up form for the CAPP™, please click here.