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When having a “Rating” system, it is vital to allow for public input so that the actual client experience is accounted for in the “Rating” system.


A complaint might be for several different reasons such as:


1) You went to visit with a Level AAA, AA, A… Rated advisor and the advisor did not seem to have the knowledge he was rated to have.

2) The Rated advisor you went to see was unprofessional.

3) The Rated advisor you went to see was not interested in helping you with asset protection but instead was more interested in selling you product (life, annuities, stocks, mutual funds, etc.)

4) The Rated advisor advised you to do something that is on the “watch list” of asset protection scams that the APS™ strongly recommends you avoid.

5) You went to see an advisor who said they were Rated, but you can not find them on the APS™ site as a Rated advisor.

6) Any other complaint that you think the APS™ should know about including a breach of the “Standard of Care” set forth by the APS™.


The APS™ has a vested interest in making sure its Rated advisors uphold the standards set forth by the Society; as such, the Society takes a complaint very seriously.

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