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The APS™ is proud to provide the public with a list of advisors who have been “rated” by the Society. Below you will be able to easily search by state.  Once in your state, you will be able to find an advisor by alphabetical listing.

In the listing you will be able to find information on each rated advisor and most importantly their APS rating.

Not all people you see in the listing will be “Rated” advisors.  Many advisors and non-advisors will simply be “Members” of the Society.  If you would like to join the Society as a “Member” please click here.

We encourage you to work with APS™ rated advisors when putting together an asset protection plan in order to assure your plan is completely derived and implemented with confidence. When doing so, you will know you are working with an advisor who puts their client’s needs first and have the requisite knowledge to help put together a comprehensive plan.

Click on your state to find an advisor near you.

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The Asset Protection Society is expanding its membership database and as its membership increases so does our area of coverage.

We are pleased to announce that we now have State Representatives in various offshore locations. Please scroll below to find the Representative for your area.  If you are interested in representing an area please email us at Email Us“>Email Us.