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Thank you for taking the time to read and further your education on asset protection through our bi-weekly educational newsletters.  To learn more information from the supplements in the articles please find the following links:

Using the Bankruptcy Code and Life Insurance for Asset Protection:

1. Equity Harvesting

2. FLP/LLC Structure used to protect cash value life insurance

Stopping the Asset Protection Crooks in their tracks:

1.  Virginia-Pilot article

2.  If you would like to read Bernie Madoff’s arrest warrant, please click here.

IRS Listed Transactions:

1.  Distressed Asset Trusts

Single Member LLCs:


  1. Please click here to read about Domestic LLCs
  2. Please click here to read about Offshore LLCs
  3. Please click here to read Jim Duggan’s article: If Offshore Trusts scare you consider using an Offshore LLC

Powerpoint Presentations: (please click below to view)

1.  Fixed Indexed Annuities

IRS Files Suit to Shut Down Roth Conversion Scheme:

1.  The IRS v. Edwin Lichtig III (complaint)

If you would like copies of some of our articles, please, click on the link below:

  1. Estate Planning With Uncertain Tax Laws: The Uncertainty Within the Certain Estate Tax Relief Act of 2009