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The first test will determine if you need help with “core” domestic asset protection (protecting stocks, real estate, etc. from creditors). This test is for those who wonder if they are properly asset protected and for those who know they are not asset protected and they wonder just how bad it is.


The second test will determine if you need help with your estate plan (minimizing estate and capital gains taxes among other items).


The third test will determine if your financial plan is set up with asset protection in mind (the stock market is a creditor you need to protect from).


The fourth test will determine if you are paying too much in income taxes each year.


Scoring on your tests


If you receive less than 70% on any test, you are in need of asset protection help.


If you receive less than a 50°/o on any test, you have serious asset protection problems.


If you receive less than 30% on any test, you should immediately find an APS™  “Rated” advisor to help you put together a complete asset protection plan.


To take any of the exams, please click here or below and put in the appropriate username and password.

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Test Provided by the Wealth Preservation Institute


1) Asset Protection Test
Username: asset
Password: protect


2) Estate Planning Test
Username: estate
Password: plan


3) Financial Planning Test
Username: financial
Password: plan


4) Income Tax Planning Test
Username: reduce
Password: tax


A good way to have your entire asset protection plan reviewed and where you will receive a comprehensive memo detailing your problems, the solutions and a recommendation for how to fix your problems is to use Level 1 of the C.A.L.M. Plan.

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