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Home Equity Acceleration Plan, H.E.A.P.™

Every month millions of people make a mortgage payment dreaming of the day when they will send their last one.  In most cases that last payment is 25 years or more down the road.


Every month, many of these same people will try to figure out a way to make extra payments towards their mortgage, all the while trying to keep it affordable.


Even sending in a few extra dollars will reduce the overall term by months or even a few years.


Years ago the Bi-Weekly plans were introduced that gave home-owners a plan that was affordable, manageable, and had measured results.  These plans often reduce the mortgage term by 3-7 years.


Although 3 – 7 years is pretty good, we would like to introduce the Home Equity Acceleration Plan, H.E.A.P.™.


If you have some equity in your home, and make more money than you spend, HEAP is a program that may dramatically reduce the term of your mortgage.


The best thing about HEAP is that you don’t have to alter your current spending habits to make it work, however once you see the results you may wish to eliminate some of your excess spending to make it work even better.