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Home Income for Life Planning

As our population ages, many people are moving from the accumulation phase of their life to the income phase where it is much more important to have a guaranteed income for life v. reaching for growth on existing assets.  In this session you will learn how to use a product that will guarantee a 7% rate of return on an accumulation value that ALSO guarantees an income for life (6% for a 70 year old, 6.5% for 75 year old, etc).  You will also learn how to increase the guaranteed retirement income by 3% a year if a client has a need for long-term care benefits.  What you will learn in this session will change the way you think about planning for retirement and securing an income stream that cannot  be outlived.

To purchase a copy of the mp3 audio files from the Asset Protection Society’s 2008 Asset Protection Forum, please click here.