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Asset Protection Society Introduction

The APS™ is a new kind of society created to deal with the problems that plague clients and advisors  on the topic of “Asset Protection.”

The APS™ was created:


1) to educate the public on the topic of asset protection.


2) to serve as a watchdog entity to warn the public and advisors who provide asset protection advice about faulty asset protection planning as well as outright scams in the marketplace.


3) to educate and train advisors to identify and implement the optimal asset protection planning structures for any client situation.


4) to oversee the advisory network and issue “Ratings” to advisors based on their knowledge and skill level so the public knows they are using advisors who actually know what they are doing when providing advice on asset protection (3 Rating Levels).


5) to assemble the highest caliber asset protection planners in the nation in a collaborative effort to “better the industry.”


6) to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas in a sometimes complicated, and always ever changing, field of asset protection.


Whether you are an advisor or what we would consider the “public,” are you aware that attorneys, CPAs/accountants/EAs, financial planners, insurance agents, mortgage or real estate brokers, receive NO education on asset protection when obtaining their licenses?


If that doesn’t sound odd to you, it should.   An attorney can make it through law school and never hear the words “asset protection.”


What do the above statements mean? Until now, there has been NO PLACE the public could turn to determine if an advisor meets a reasonable standard of care when giving asset protection advice.


Those on the National Advisory Board are tired of reading horror stories about clients being ripped off or being given terrible advice by self-proclaimed “asset protection gurus.” Enough is enough, it is time to establish order and integrity in the industry.


The APS™ is here to turn the page to a new day where the public can have a “go to” place where it can be confident that the “Rated” advisors in their local area have to live up to a well defined standard of care when giving asset protection advice.


Gone are the days when clients can only hope that they have done a good job in picking an advisor to help protect their wealth. In planning for the preservation of one’s wealth, all clients deserve and should be able to demand the ability to plan with confidence and certainty.


We encourage you to surf this site so you can educate yourself on the basics of asset protection.


We encourage you to reach out to those Rated advisors in your local area for help.


We encourage you to learn about the benefits the APS™ can provide to non-professionals.


We also encourage you to contact the home office of the APS™ and ask questions about asset protection or tell your story as to why you believe you received either good or bad advice, as the case may be, from an advisor who assisted your with you asset protection plan.