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Fundamentally, the APS™  is an entity who’s purpose it is to protect the publicby “Ratingadvisors the public can use and have the confidence that the advisor’s level of expertise meets certain standards, The APS™  does not expect the general public to become “Rated” by the society so that advice can be given to others.

Having said that, the APS™ believes that many non-advisors (general public) will want to join the Society so more detailed information can be obtained on the very important topic of asset protection.

While the APS™ is not a formal educational body (education is left up to educational institutes like the Wealth Preservation Institute), the APS™ was created to deliver baseline education to the public and advisors on the topic of asset protection. You can read that information by surfing this website.

We believe that many in the general public who have valuable assets will want to join the APS™ so more detailed information can be obtained and so such non-advisor members can be forewarned about asset protection issues that affect them.

For public/non-advisor members will have access to items the general public will not.  Items such as:

1) Newsletters. This newsletter will cover domestic and offshore asset protection, how to reduce income, capital gains and estate taxes, stock protection strategies, etc.

2) Webinars. The APS™ puts on multiple educational webinars throughout the year. To have access to theses webinars you must become an APS™ Member.

The cost to become a member of the APS™ if you do not desire to become “Rated” is only $100 annually.

The APS™ was not created to be an elitist Society for only wealthy advisors and their wealthy clients. Instead, the APS™ was created to be an all inclusive place the public can go to find a ‘Rated” advisor and a place where the public and advisors can be alerted to issues that affect the asset protection community.

Think of the following example and see if it makes sense for you to become a Member of the APS™.

Dr. Green and his wife go to dinner with friends at the local establishment. Dr. Smith and his friend Dr. Blue like a good bottle of wine when going out to dinner. The spouses and the doctors order a nice meal and split two bottles of wine. The total cost of the dinner (including tip) is $300.

What did Dr Green and Dr. Blue receive from the dinner? A few hours of relaxation and a good meal with nice wine.

Technically the dinner is not one they should write off, but because Dr. Green and Dr. Blue talked shop, they write it off. The cost of the dinner between the two is $150 per doctor for only a few hours of entertainment.

There is nothing wrong with a nice dinner, but what we are illustrating is that for $100 (which is a deductible item through work if you own your own business), you will receive unique material for an entire year on the most important topic to most high income/net worth clients, i.e. how to protect wealth from predatory creditors.

While self-serving, we believe that ALL high income/net worth clients should join the APS™ to learn how to protect their wealth, reduce their income, estate and capital gains taxes and to protect their money from downturns in the stock market.

If you have questions,please contact us.

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