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What is the Asset Protection Society (APS™)?

The Asset Protection Society (APS™) is a new kind of society which:

  1. Has a duty to protect the public from misinformation.
  2. Issues “Ratings” to Advisors so the public will know what level of knowledge/skill advisors in their local area possess.
  3. Provides a forum for advisors looking to ‘better the industry’ and exchange ideas on complicated topics.

Why was the APS™ created?

The APS™ was created by our educational founders and board members out of their disdain for the lack of regulation of Asset Protection.  Currently, there is no regulatory body that oversees the asset protection arena.  Scary when you think about it; even the State Bar and the American Bar Association do not regulate asset protection, and their members practice it!

APS™ State Representatives

The APS™ has, as its local voice, State Representatives throughout the United States and in various locations throughout the world.  These representatives help us “educate” other advisors and the public about asset protection in their respective areas.  To find the state representative in your area please visit the APS™ website,


Your State Representative is:






Baseline Education

The APS™ website offers significant educational content that will allow advisors and non-advisors to learn the basics of compliant asset protection planning.

The website has on it educational voiced over PowerPoint Presentations that are simple to understand and can help people determine if they are properly asset protected.

Message Board

There is a unique message board offered by the APS™ where Members only can post their asset protection questions with the knowledge that a true asset protection specialist will answer the question within 24-48 hours.

How can the APS™ and its “Rated” advisors help you?

One of the main reasons the APS™ is in existence is so the public can determine if their current or potential advisors, who proclaim to have a specialty regarding asset protection, are both competent and ethical.  Until now, there has been NO system of review or ranking in the asset protection area.  The APS™ has changed all that.

There are many different types of advisors who can provide help to their clients on the topic of asset protection.  Most clients think of attorneys as the only type of advisor who can/should help them with asset protection. You’ll be interested to know that most of the advisors “pitching” asset protection to clients are NOT attorneys but instead are non-licensed advisors, insurance/financial planners or CPAs/EAs/accountants.

No matter which level or type of advisor you seek, the APS’™ rating system will help you understand that your advisor has unique knowledge (on one or more levels) on the topic of asset protection.  Rest assured that when you seek out an APS™ rated advisor you have found a client focused advisor who is not only knowledgeable but is also dedicated to protecting the public by being a part of a public education/watch-dog Society.

The APS™ “Standard of Care

“Rated” advisors shall incorporate asset protection planning into the advice given to ALL clients.

“No responsible financial, estate, legal, accounting, etc. plan can be complete without incorporating asset protection planning.”

Asset protection planning has become a “core” issue when helping clients with any kind of plan that deals with their wealth.

Strong Ethical Standards

APS™ rated advisors are held to the highest ethical standards.

Code of Ethics:

1.  Provide the highest level of service to their clients; service that is accurate, unbiased, and designed to meet the financial desires of their clients.

2.  Protect each client’s right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information, both personal and financial.

3.  Treat colleagues and other professionals with respect, fairness, and good faith.

4.  Do not advance private interests at the expense of their clients, colleagues, or other professionals with whom they associate.

5.  Distinguish between personal convictions and professional knowledge, not allowing personal beliefs to interfere with fair representation of the facts.

6.  Strive for excellence in the profession by maintaining and increasing our own knowledge and skills, by encouraging the professional development of colleagues, and by setting the best interest of our clients as our number one priority.

Don’t Wait to Protect Your Assets!

There a many different types of creditors waiting to take your money:

-Negligence lawsuits

-The IRS


-The Stock Market

-Long-Term Care Costs

-And many more.

Act now to start down the road of protecting your asses by working with a “Rated” Advisor as designated by the Asset Protection Society.