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The APS™ as its core function is not to be a marketing entity for “Rated” Members. The core function of the APS™ is to protect the public by “Rating” advisors and giving them a standard of care to live up to so the best and correct advice is given to clients on the very important topic of asset protection.


Having said that, we at the APS™ know how powerful the concept of asset protection can be when gathering new clients (especially “global” asset protection).  Therefore, the APS™ has developed several creative ways to help you market your knowledge and ability on this subject matter.


1) Being “Rated” in and of itself is a marketing tool.  That is not why the APS™ wants advisors becoming “Rated,” but it is the truth. Being able to place on your letterhead, business cards, website, and local advertisements that you are a “Rated” advisor by the APS™ will make you unique and more valuable to clients than other local advisors.  Being part of the APS™, which is a public education/watch-dog Society where Members pledge to do what’s right for their clients, can do nothing but increase your credibility with clients and referral sources.


2) Public education. The APS™ will be spending money to make the public aware of the concept of asset protection and will do some basic education of the public through the website and published articles (national and local).


This education will drive thousands of high-income and/or net-worth clients to the website where we encourage them to seek out “Rated” advisors to help them review and implement an asset protection plan.


All “Rated” advisors will be listed on the website.  Therefore, when the public goes to the  APS website they will be able to find your contact information and will be able to contact you directly with questions or for help.

3) Cross referrals among locally “Rated” advisors.  Remember that the APS™ rates attorneys, CPAs/accountants/EAs, financial planners, insurance advisors, stock brokers, mortgage brokers, etc.


The APS™ strongly recommends that locally “Rated” advisors come together so they can work together to help their clients.  While we know you may have joined the local chamber of commerce to generate referrals (which usually fails), the APS™ is not similar to a local chamber in any way, shape, or form.


To learn more about working with your other locally “Rated” advisors, please click here.


4) E-newsletters and an e-mail blasting system.  Are you sending your clients a once-a-week e-newsletter discussing topics like asset protection and the other services you can help them with?  If not, you are missing out on the best marketing tool in this new technology age.  The APS™ has a unique system you can use to send newsletters and also provides newsletters for Members who do not have the time to create their own.


To learn how you can significantly increase activity with your current clients and how to generate additional leads from local referral sources using this powerful e-newsletter system, please click here.


5) Templated Web-sites.  The APS™ has seen thousands of websites by law, accounting, and financial planning firms, and most do not impress.  Most advisors today have a website not because they want one or know how to use one, but because everyone has one. The APS™ has a very unique templated website that can be customized for each individual Member.


The templated website, in addition to having unique content on asset protection planning, also couples the site with a free examination system where clients can take several exams to determine if their asset protection and estate plans are in order.  Again, this is very powerful and will help interaction with current and potential clients and, in turn, gain more business.


To learn more about the APS™ templated websites, please click here.


6) Marketing through Continuing Education.  The APS™ through its educational partnership with the Wealth Preservation Institute can allow “Rated” APS™ Members to conduct continuing education programs in their local community for other advisors.


A terrific way to market your services and network with other advisors is through educational seminars.  It’s one thing to be able to host an educational seminar on topics other advisors will find interesting, it’s another to be able to hand out continuing education credits to those who attend.  Please click here to learn more about this tremendous marketing opportunity.

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