Medicaid Planning Gets Huge Boost with CMP™ Accreditation

cmp-mainMajor Medicaid news was made this week when the CMP™ Governing Board announced that its program had received full accreditation from the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). “We are extremely proud to announce that the CMP™ (Certified Medicaid Planner™) designation is now independently accredited by the NCCA,” announced a spokesman for the CMP™ Board.

This is huge news in the financial services, insurance, legal, and accounting industry. The CMP™ is now the only senior designation of its kind in covering Medicaid planning. For the first time ever, the diverse disciplines that comprise the Medicaid planning community are united under one banner, a high set of standards, and a universal code of ethics. The program raises the bar for advisors who provide Medicaid Planning Services and is a service to the consumers who need to find knowledgeable and competent planners. Choosing a CMP™ means choosing someone who has met the high education, experience, and ethical requirements. A CMP™ must pass a thorough examination of his or her knowledge and skills as a Medicaid planner.

To learn more about how to become a CMP™ or why consumers should use a CMP™, visit the CMP™ program website at