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IMHO, if this doesn’t set off your crap detector, you need to get your

wiring checked.

Contact our own Joe Hodges (or read his posts and others’) regarding Mr.

Mitton and his traveling band.  Better yet, invest your $15 and a couple

of hours of our time and bring a notepad or tape recorder to preserve the

half-truths, un-truths, and disinformation for posterity (or your state’s

attorney general).

Oh, and by the way, if you decide to go, stand at the back of the room and count the number of people ready to fork over more than a grand for some set of forms in a book to “build their asset fortress.”  I and the rest of the group would love to know how many people are ready to buy into this stuff.


Paul A. Meloan

Rockville, MD

PS: Joe has noted that Mr. Mitton is not licensed to practice law in


At 12:28 AM 8/20/97 -0700, you wrote:

Who knows what about this organization, what they do, how well, and how legal??  A four-page letter inviting me to their local conference,

accompanied by a four-page brochure. According to letter and brochure, they can advise how to bulletproof, litigation-proof, and tax-proof income and assets, up to $5 million. Speakers will be Jay W. Mitton, “Father of Asset Protection;” Brad Tedeschi, a registered investment advisor who heads his own tax planning organization; and Saen G. Higgins, exec vp of National Assn for Secured Investments. “Four hours of intensive  education,” should cost $79, but advance registration is discounted to $15 (bring two friends free).

Frank W. Kafer, El Sobrante, CA