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Other Creditor Articles

If you have any questions about the articles, please contact a locally “Rated” advisor or you can also contact the Asset Protection Society at Email Us.


Do keep in mind that “other creditors” is a broad topic.  These articles will focus on simply protecting your money from any other creditor not listed in the other more specific article sections. Anyone who can take your money is a creditor. Therefore if you can save money on life insurance or health insurance or if you can move a life insurance policy to an ILIT which will save your estate 50% on the estate taxes due, or anything else the Founders and Advisory Board think is interesting reading; you will find those articles posted to this part of the website.


Life Insurance 101
Life Settlements
Return of Premium Term Life
1% Cash Flow Arm Mortgage (equity stripping)
Premium Financed Life Insurance: Finally A Client Friendly Program
Variable Loan Options in Equity Indexed Life Insurance Policies: Good or Bad?