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Public Education on Asset Protection

One of the core duties and goals of the APS™ is to educate the public on asset protection planning. We have put together terrific material for you to read to become knowledgeable on this very important topic. Our goal is not to make you an ‘expert” in AP planning, but to arm you with needed information so you can make sure you are not taken advantage of by the scammers in the marketplace (and there are many) and also to help you learn why asset protection is a must for any client who has wealth.


Think about the following statement:


No estate, financial or tax plan can be complete without incorporating asset protection. Asset protection planning is now emerging as its own recognized discipline in the advisory world. Failure to discuss asset protection options with a client will quickly emerge as malpractice in and of itself.


After you learn more about the benefits of asset protection planning, you’ll learn three things about the above statement:


1) you are not properly asset protected;

2) virtually no one you know is asset protected;

3) you do not know any advisors in your local area who provide advice on asset protection (andyou certainly don’t have a comfort level that anyone in your local area has been trained on the proper asset protection techniques available to clients).


The APS™ has created a short test you can take to determine for yourself if you are asset protected. The test will take you less than five minute and will tell you instantly if you need to learn more about this topic and seek out an advisor who can help you. To take the test, please click here.


We also encourage you to surf the rest of this website to learn about:


1) Traditional domestic asset protection
-LLCs and FLPs
-Cash Value Life insurance and Annuities
-IRAs and Qualified Retirement Plans
-Domestic Asset Protection Trusts
-Accounts Receivable Protection
-Protecting the Personal Residence


2) Offshore asset protection
-Offshore asset protection trusts (OAPTs)
-Offshore LLCs
-Offshore Captive Insurance Companies (CICs)


3) “Global” asset protection
-Income, Estate and Capital Gains Tax Reduction
-Stock Market Protection
-Long Term Care Expense Protection


In addition to what you need to know about asset protection, it is equally important to know about the misconceptions of asset protection.


If you have determined that you need help with your asset protection plan, please call or send in a consultation form.

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