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Many websites covering the topic of asset protection planning are usually handling the topic from one or two perspectives. We look at it from your entire financial life, a global perspective. Wealth is generated in many different ways and therefore can be lost in many different ways. Most advisors don’t consider the stock market or the federal government as a creditor. There are obvious creditors and ones that most don’t consider. We see it all daily, from unfunded trusts to simple failed estate plans. From litigation to bad business arrangements resulting in unwanted business partnerships “gotchas” are everywhere.


We realize most folks don’t like to think through the challenges of the wealth preservation landscape but that is what we do.


We encourage you to surf this site to read about domestic, and offshore asset protection as well as “global” asset protection.


If you do not find the answers to your questions on this website, please feel free to submit a question directly to the APS™.