February 24, 2019

Tax Protection Articles

Tax Protection Articles
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IRA Management Using Home Equity Management
Should Clients Buy Life Insurance in 412(i) DB Plans?
Roth 401(k) Plans: The Numbers Don’t Lie
WealthBuilder Annuity (also known as the ABC Plans)
Account Recievables Leveraging (done the right way)
NQDC–The Leveraged Bonus Plan
Charitable Gift Annuities
Section 79 Plans
Retained Earnings Rescue
419/VEBA Plans and Imputed Income
Annuity Only VEBAS and Post-Retirement Medical Benefits
Watch Out: 419e Plans can cause Reduced 401(k) Plan Contributions
How Section 264(a) negatively affects selling life insurance in A/R Financing Programs
-Private Placement Insurance and Annuities