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Tell Your StoryThe APS™ is an entity which tries to provide real world education and solutions to asset protection problems.

As part of the real world theme, we believe it is important for the public to be able to read positive and negative stories by others when explaining their experiences with asset protection.

For example, someone might post a story where they indicate that they put off doing asset protection planning for years and right before they were going to pull the trigger to implement a plan, they were hit with a lawsuit.

Or, someone might have the opposite story, which is that they just finished transferring assets to complete their asset protection plan and then a lawsuit came down.

The stories could be about asset protection scams or garbage they’ve been pitched or even worse, were pitched and purchased (to their detriment).

When you submit a story to the APS™ you will tell us whether you want your name listed with story.  Your full name will never be used, nor will your contact information.

To submit a story to the APS™ for publication on the website, please create it in word for and e-mail it to Email Us“>Email Us.  You will have the opportunity to review the post before it goes live.