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Templated Web-Sites

We at the APS™ believe a website can be a very powerful educational/sale’s tool.

We also know that most advisors are too busy to spend several weeks or more putting together a quality website that can really further their business.

There are a handful of advisors who have good website designs with good content.  The problem with the content is that it does not deal with the very important topic of asset protection.

As you can see from reading over the APS™ website, we believe that the core to any estate, business or financial plan is asset protection. Without a proper asset protection plan in place, the best estate, business and/or financial plan can be rendered meaningless.

If that is the case, then isn’t it vital to inform your clients of the benefits of becoming asset protected?  We believe it is and we believe the best way to communicate these issues to your clients, and advisors who are potential referral sources, is through a quality website (preferably coupled with the APS™ e-mail blasting system).


The APS™’s templated websites are very unique in that they have significant content which will be interesting and compelling to your clients and referring advisors.   These sites are not just the typical sites which educate clients on wills and trusts for attorneys, or tax or business planning for CPAs/EAs/accountants, or financial products for financial or insurance advisors.  That typical information will be on the template sites as well, but the templated sites will also cover in detail the most important topic, asset protection.

APS™ “Rated” advisors will have different needs and wants with their websites.  The APS™ can accommodate all needs.  The templated sites have unique information that no other websites have on them, but the sites can be changed and improved to your satisfaction.

Examination Modules

A templated website comes with an exam module. This allows clients  “surfing” your site to take several examinations to determine if they are asset protected.

The following is list of exams

Asset Protection Exam
Estate Planning Exam
Financial Planning Exam
Income Tax Reduction Exam

For those Members who want to create their own exams or tweak the existing ones, that can be done without any trouble.


There is no better and more cost affective way for you to spend time with your clients and your clients with you.  You do not have one, two, three hours plus to spend with all your clients and referring advisors to tell them why asset protection plays such a vital roll in every client’s estate, business, or financial plan.

However, with a quality website, which is written in a compelling manner, your clients and referring advisors can spend literally hours on your website learning the basics about asset protection and most importantly why you are uniquely positioned to help them.

Whether you custom-designed your own website or purchased a templated site from somewhere else, we believe that once you review the material you have access to with the APS™ templated websites (including the exam modules), you will be compelled to contact the APS™ for further information.

To contact the APS™ for further information about the templated websites, please e-mail Email Us“>Email Us.