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Get the Christmas Gift You’ll keep for a Lifetime The 3-disk DVD set of the 1st Annual APS Forum

“It’s a Classic”

Is your spouse having a tough time trying to figure out what to get you for Christmas?

Are you having a hard time finding a gift for a colleague or for your favorite clients or even for yourself?

Do you simply like to have the best available information at your disposal to help you learn “advanced” wealth preservation techniques?

If so, the multi-disk DVD set from the Asset Protection Society’s 1st annual Asset Protection Forum in Las Vegas is just what you are looking for.  Purchase a gift that will be in yours or your client’s library for years to come.

For clients, they will watch the DVDs, and will want to receive help from you on the topics discussed.  The DVDs are very motivating.

If you missed the Forum, know someone who wanted to attend but was unable to, or would simply like to revisit the presentations of speakers at your leisure in the convenience of your home or office, you can now purchase the 16 hour DVD set covering the October 1st and 2nd event by clicking here .

Many of the speakers are $400 an hour advisors who discuss topics on the DVDs that are vital to know when working with higher income/net worth clients.  Instead of paying $5,000+ to get one on one access with all of these speakers, you can do so for the far too low prices of $75 if you attended the forum and $199 if you did not. (This includes shipping).

The forum covered the following topics: Domestic Asset Protection Strategies; Captive Insurance Companies (“CIC”s); Kinetic Asset Protection; International Tax Planning with Life Insurance and Annuities; Cutting Edge Estate/Financial Planning Techniques; A New Kind of Trust Company; Asset Protection Strategies to Avoid; New Developments in Domestic Life Insurance and Annuities; Equity Harvesting (The proper use of Missed Fortune 101); Proper and Cutting Edge uses of 419 Plans and VEBAs; Premium Financed Life Insurance (A client-friendly program); Advanced IRA Planning Techniques; Case Studies; and Market Your Practice using Asset Protection Planning and the C.A.L.M. Plan.

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