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Home Unique Captive Insurance Companies (CIC) for small and large clients.

In this session you will learn about one of the most powerful business, estate, and financial planning tools available today; the 831(b) CIC.  You will also learn how to incorporate the use of CICs with International Life Insurance Structures.

CICs allow businesses to tax deduct premiums of $125,000 – $1.2 million dollars per year into a structure that can be owned by the business owner, other family members, or even an Irrevocable trust.  The income, capital gains, and estate tax planning possibilities with CICs are significant.  Until recently, only “large” businesses could afford a CIC (premiums in excess of $300,000 a year).  In this session you will learn about a simple and effective CIC structure designed to receive premiums starting as low as $100,000.  This smaller-company CIC structure opens up the ability to use CICs for a significant amount of small businesses that were otherwise priced out of the market with traditional captive structures.

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