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H.E.A.P. What You Will Need To get started

To get started, you should gather the following information.  This information can be found on your monthly bill statements, your bank statements, and your mortgage statements.  Once you have gotten this all together, you will use the HEAP Calculator to give you the roadmap you need to start the program.


1.  Monthly mortgage payment amount – principal and interest


2.  Annual property tax amount


3.  Homeowners insurance premium amount


4.  Current Mortgage Balance, Rate, and when the account was opened


5.  Length of your current mortgage (15 years, 30 years)


6.  Auto Loans Balance and Payment


7. Credit card balances and minimum payment amounts


8.  Utility Payments (monthly average)


9.  Other quarterly, semi-annual, or annual expenses (car insurance etc)


10.  Any other loan payments or recurring monthly expenses.


11.  Your current monthly “cash” budget.  These items would be fuel, groceries, entertainment, etc.


12.  Your “after tax” income per month and the frequency you receive it.  For example if you receive a paycheck every friday for $1000.00 after taxes, that is the number you will use.


Once you have gathered this information you can proceed through the HEAP calculator to determine the benefits of using the program.


Accuracy is important, but if you forget something you can always go back and edit your entries.