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Why Your Cell Phone is a Dangerous Weapon
(and how to protect yourself)

Why this newsletter this week?

1) it’s a good follow up to last week’s newsletter where I offered as a FREE download a 2021 updated 50-State Asset Protection Chart listing the laws on whether IRAs, life insurance, annuities, or your homestead are protected by state law.

Click here to download the desk reference guide, click on the following link:


2) Tiger Wood’s car crash! Everyone knows Tiger recently got into a bad car crash.  What most people don’t know is that there were no brake or skid marks on the road before he went into the ditch. Tiger’s not said what happened, but what do you think the chances are that he was texting and driving? I’d say they are pretty high. High enough to use his crash as a teaching moment in this newsletter.

Protecting Yourself and Your Clients

Texting and driving—according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), driving a vehicle while texting is SIX TIMES more dangerous than drunk driving.

Everyone knows it’s dangerous but does it anyway (the “it’s not going to happen to me” syndrome).

If you are a successful advisor you have valuable assets worth protecting.

If you have or want to have affluent clients, they too have valuable assets worth protecting.

What assets are at risk to a texting and driving crash?

-Brokerage accounts
-Vacation properties
-Potentially a personal residence (depends on the state)
-Potentially IRAs (it depends on the state)
-All other valuable assets

How can you protect assets from texting and driving?

By implementing an “asset protection plan.”

Question—do you know the basic asset protection planning techniques so you can:

1) Protect your assets from negligence lawsuits?
2) Help your clients protect their assets?

For 99% of those who read this newsletter, the answer will be NO to both these questions.

What does that mean?                 OPPORTUNITY!

Opportunity? Really? You thought I was going to say something dark or tragic? Nope, when there is a shortfall in knowledge that can be easily remedied, that is an opportunity.

Learning asset protection planning

By learning the A, B, C’s, of asset protection planning, you will be able to take steps to protect YOUR valuable assets and use your knowledge to pick up affluent clients.

Take it from me, 99% of affluent clients you run into will NOT have an asset protection plan. That means nearly unlimited opportunity for advisors who know this subject matter.

Still Have Excuses?

What excuse is there not to learn a subject matter that can help you 1) protect your own assets, and 2) pick up new affluent clients and help them protect their assets?

Learning Asset Protection Planning

If you want to check out some resources you can use to learn asset protection planning (both the basics and a broader comprehensive view of the subject matter), click on the following link:

Introduction to Asset Protection
Webinar—On Recording

To sign up for this webinar, click on the following link: